Interfaith Dialogue on Judaism – June 12, 2022

Star of DavidFostering Interfaith Relationships on the Eastside (FIRE) invites you to our 19th Interfaith Dialogue on Sunday, June 12, 7:00-8:30PM. This Dialogue will be conducted as a “hybrid” meeting which you can attend in person at Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church (308 4th Avenue South, Kirkland) or online using Zoom conferencing. Please register for the Dialogue on EventBrite at; the Zoom link will be emailed before the event to everyone who has registered.

The topic for this Dialogue is “Judaism”. Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg of Congregation Kol Ami in Kirkland will share with us on a variety of topics such as the following:

  • What is the history of Judaism? How did it originate, and how has it evolved over time?
  • How is Judaism organized on both a local and worldwide basis? How are leaders selected?
  • What would the world miss if Judaism never existed? What are its unique teachings?
  • How does Judaism spread the faith to new adherents at this time?
  • What are common misconceptions about Judaism and how do you explain them?
  • How did you first learn of Judaism? What prompted you to follow that faith?
  • How does the practice of Judaism affect your life day-to-day in modern America?
  • If one wanted to learn more about Judaism, what are some introductory resources?

The presentation will be followed by open Q&A with the audience, both in the room and on Zoom. For those in the room, participants will be able to raise their hand to be recognized and then come to a microphone. For those on Zoom, the moderator will use the Zoom “Raise Hand” feature to identify who would like to ask a question, and enable audio and video for each person in turn to ask their question live; you will need to unmute to be heard, and may enable video if you choose.

The Dialogue will be recorded and shared on the FIRE web site after the event. If you are participating via Zoom and do not want to appear on the video, please don’t turn on your video or ask to be recognized for a question. If you are in the meeting room and do not want to be on the video, an area will be designated that will not be visible on camera; please choose a seat in that area.

Following the dialogue, we will have open discussion among all attendees for those who would like to participate.

Note that this Dialogue will not include a dinner for those attending in person; please eat before coming if you wish.

If you have any questions about the Dialogue, please email